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“We value the service we give because we know that our patients are worthy of it.”  

The Special Philippine Eye Care Solutions Foundation Inc.(SPECS).

A primary health care institution offering services that are relevant, easily accessible, reliable and very useful for the eye care needs of the less fortunate and marginalized Filipino sectors.

We are SPECS and we seek to serve. Our services are open to individuals who may need diagnosis or treatment for vision care. Through our “Eye Train,” SPECS is able to provide immediate eye/vision services, reliable equipment and a guided long term vision care from our compassionate and credible clinician.

Our Beneficiaries.

Marginalized families, children, senior citizens and many unemployed adults and the youth-–individuals coming from almost various walks of life can now walk down that busy place of the PNR Tutuban Station grounds with high hopes of a better sight as a modest primary eye health care clinic has been founded to serve with utmost sincerity to the Philippine society.

Our Services.

We provide our beneficiaries with the highest quality roster of services including comprehensive eye exam, pediatric eye and vision exam, strabismus (banlag/duling), eye diseases screening, contact lens fitting, cataract screening, glaucoma screening and low vision rehabilitation subsidized by the SPECS Foundation.


SPECS envisions a highly ethical and credible non profit organization that offers vision care services to the less fortunate and marginalized Filipino sectors through long and short term projects that are sustainable, community-sensitive and genuinely shared to the society.


“Towards a community that truly sees and truly cares.”

Rationale. We focus on eye care, and with that we wanted to convey the message that we also use our eyes to see the reality that our fellow Filipinos need help and this form of help is our way of extending our care for them, (which we wish others to do as well).

In pursuit of the foundation’s Vision, the people behind SPECS works hand in hand to attain the following Mission statements:

Accessible Clinic, Quality Care

We ensure that our clinic and other projects are accessible to the Filipinos we aim to serve---the masses, the marginalized sectors: women, children and the senior citizens.  The care that our team provides do not just end in our clinic but extends to their families and the community they are in through follow up check ups and guidance on caring for the eyes.

Subsidized Services, Genuine Intent

We work hard to create a sustainable organization that can provide services to as many Filipino masses that we can reach one day at a time.  Through our own resourcefulness and sincere service we are able to communicate a genuine intent for the people we wanted to help.

Filipinos Who Care for their Kapwa-Pilipino (fellow countrymen)

We have always believed that if ONE CAN then ONE MUST especially if this regards serving other people who have less capabilities of helping themselves.  As responsible and sensitive individuals, we acknowledge the honor to be of service to our fellow countrymen who needs not just help for a day, but help that can serve them a lifetime.


Through the primary health care clinic, we are able to impart to our patients the significance of vision care to their lives and their community.  Healthier eyes to a healthier community-- Together, we know that we can make it happen.  


That what began as an ordinary effort to support a medical mission in November 2008 would grow to be a serious undertaking in putting up a foundation four years later is a proof of our commitment to service.

With Dr. Pasqualino Marcantonio O.D. at the helm of the venture, the groundwork was soon defined and prospective supporters identified. Although all this was new to me, the excitement of learning how to go about the necessary steps to put up an organization to benefit the eye care of the under privileged Filipinos convinced me that all difficulties could be surmounted.

The fact that we were coordinating and communicating from opposite ends of the world (not to mention the different time zones) -- he in Moncton, NB Canada and me here in Manila -- proved to be a logistical wonder.

I approached several institutions for assistance. Others declined while others fully embraced the idea. Slowly, the dream became a vision. And more so as Dr. Pasq single handedly solicited all the necessary equipments.

The equipments for the optometry and ambulatory clinics got on their way to reaching the Philippine shores. With the infrastructure nearly in completion, the operations were expected to begin soon. Although we expected to face challenges along the way, a nobler goal persists.

Service in behalf of the people always finds a way of fulfilling itself. It lies in the generous hearts who see with clearer vision and want it for others as well.

Andronica Roma


Special Philippine Eye Care Solutions Foundation, Inc.

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