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Who are our beneficiaries?

In the Philippines, eye diseases-patients grow in number especially amongst impoverished areas and other remote areas in the country.  

Our less fortunate fellow Filipinos including informal settlers, environmental disaster survivors, and other marginalized sectors of the society such as the aged, distressed mothers, younger children and the disabled have been tolerating the eye conditions that otherwise need urgent response and care due to lack of knowledge on eye care, ignorance, carelessness, and inaccessibility to primary eye health care centers.

They are, our beneficiaries.

We at SPECS believe that these people need our utmost attention and competent help as they compose the largest sector in the Philippine society.  

Socio-economic classes C, D, and E or the lower middle class, the poor and the “poorest of the poor” are amongst the people that need the most urgent and efficient help they can get being highly exposed and vulnerable to communicable diseases and other primary health concerns that affect their daily survival.

The most precious of our senses---our eyesight, cannot be taken for granted. It is essential to living more so amongst people who find less reason to live.

SPECS hopes to give our less fortunate countrymen more reasons to see a better world, envision their OWN dreams, and strive to achieve a better future, so that perhaps, one patient at a time, we can start building a community that truly sees and truly cares for another.

How do we reach our beneficiaries?

SPECS is composed of a dedicated team that generously shares their expertise in their own fields.  SPECS marketing director Ms. Cecil is a social worker who surveys nearby barangays in Tondo and Divisoria and communicates with local barangay heads as well as particular families in depressed areas to inform them of the existence of the Eye Train Clinic.  

Together with two young assistants, Jimmy and Justin, the list of services and schedule of the clinic hours are spread effectively through daily leafleting and recorida “barangay announcements.”

How do we prioritize/classify our beneficiaries?

SPECS is a relatively young non profit and non stock organization as it only commenced operations in June 2013.  Since its conception, its sole funder, Nikka Trading, a private company, has been and is still, initially funding the operations for the SPECS Foundation.

SPECS Foundation’s mandate to serve is through sustainable operations. As one of the Board of Directors of SPECS Foundation stated:  “the mechanics of the foundation is simple: it is operated like a private corporation, BUT, it is non profit and non stock.”

Hence, SPECS Foundation’s indigent beneficiaries are offered not just free consultation, screening and eye exams but free frames services as well as it is subsidized by the foundation.

Meanwhile, patients who are more financially-blessed and have better capability of helping others are encouraged to provide a minimum consultation and frames fee in order for SPECS Foundation to deliver its mandate of sustainable operations. The fees collected are then used to cover/ subsidize the expenses of the indigent patients.  

Our credible eye clinicians determine whether a patient is considered an indigent or otherwise through interview with patients themselves or with their relatives.

SPECS believes that the only way we can serve others is through recognizing blessings (no matter how little) and sharing it with others.  Hence, even indigents are encouraged to donate to help fellow indigents.  Truly then we witness a sharing community.




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