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“From the construction of the eye train clinic to the installation of equipment, the donation of frames and actual presence of support- the dream that was “SPECS”has become today’s realization, a provider of hope for the indigent people in the Philippine eye care public health scene.”

The Missions. “ The missions that we had in impoverished areas, disaster-stricken areas in Visayas and the many institutions ranging from schools for special children, orphanages for children and the aged, local community units in rural and urban areas have all become successful and meaningful to the beneficiaries themselves and even more to the people and organizations that have provided help for SPECS.  Because of this, we have seen that despite the presence of a seemingly cruel world, there are still people who are willing to extend help for another.  If only for this, I could say that SPECS is a triumph. “

The Partners. “The Canadian Vision Care and the long list of individuals and local and international groups who gave helped became doors to bigger opportunity for the advocacy of SPECS to spread.  This paved way for SPECS to reach more beneficiaries who even strengthened our trust in our mission. They have indeed showed just how valuable the noble vision of SPECS to the lives of many Filipinos. Support became contagious as one help become an inspiration to another to extend further help - in little or big means, these individuals and groups have made possible the realization of a dream.”

The Good Samaritans. “We cannot make it this far if we have not received the helped of these good samaritans. This is indeed a year to be ever grateful. However, the next challenge should be anticipated with full gear of motivation and preparedness.  SPECS is bound to finish another eye train construction which will feature in-house optician’s laboratory and training center for student eye doctors.  With this as well as our continued eye care missions all over Philippines, we are looking at a bigger challenging years ahead in which sustainability is a factor.

Sustainability. “Sustainability is indeed a tough word, a challenge for the future of SPECS.  But I believe that we are going to make it good.  Especially we know already now that though our number may be few, our sense of determination will not falter.”

“Kaya naman po, mula sa kaibuturan ng aming puso, Maraming maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat na hanadang tumulong sa SPECS upang magampanannito ang misyon sa mga Pilipino.  Sa Canadian Vision Care doctors na nung una pa lamang ay nasa tabi na ng SPECS, maraming maraming salamat.  Hindi kami makaktulong sa maraming Pilipino kung hindi niyo kami tinulungan, ginabayan. Ang tiwala nyo ay nagsilbing kamay ng motibasyon sa amin para matulungan ang kapwa naming Pilipino.  Habang-buhay kaming magpapasalamat dahil hindi nyo kami itinuring dayuhan. Dahil sa inyo, nagkaroon ng oportunidad ang kapwa naming mga Pilipino na kayang tumulong, pati ang mga grupo ng mga Pilipino na kayang tumulong, na makibahagi sa misyong ito. With our happy and grateful hearts, accept our sincerest Thank you!”

“ And because of this, from the bottom of our hearts, please accept our greatest THANK YOU to all who have helped SPECS and are ready to give help to SPECS towards our mission for the Filipinos.  To the Canadian Vision Care doctors who have always been there for SPECS from the very beginning, Thank you very much. “

“We cannot help as many Filipinos as we have done if you had not helped, guided and believed in us.  Your Trust in us is an instrument of a helping hand in igniting our sense of motivation to help our fellow countrymen.”

“We will be forever grateful because you have not treated us differently considering you are Canadians.  Because of all your help, we have opened doors of opportunity to inspire fellow Filipino individuals and groups who can help to extend their hands through this mission. “

“ SPECS is not just a dream now, more than a mission, it is our PURPOSE.

With our happy and grateful hearts, accept our sincerest Thank you! “

Andronica Roma

President and Founder

Special Philippine Eye Care Solutions Foundation, Inc.


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