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Wednesday. March 15, 2015

The Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines  (FINEX) Research and Development Foundation partners with SPECS in the eye care mission for the “Bright Eyes, Bright Kids” project approved last February 4, 2015.

Both FINEX and SPECS teams are looking forward to this project as it is the first partnership they have together in this kind of mission. FINEX Foundation Social Involvement Committee (SIC) “promotes the Improvement and amelioration of the social, economic, moral, spiritual and intellectual well-being of the underprivileged members of society, particularly the needy, the youth and the elderly” as stated in their letter to SPECS.

FINEX’s first batch of beneficiaries includes the 200 primary students from pre-selected schools the City of Makati. Ms. Grace P. Tiongco, sub-committee Chairperson of FINEX SIC will be coordinating with SPECS for the duration of the project.  

“We are definite that this partnership will go a long way towards helping the FINEX Foundation Social Involvement Committee fulfill its objectives. We shall be deeply honored working with SPECS on this endeavor” said Esther P. Magleo, Chairperson of FINEX Social Involvement Committee.

“The project Bright Eyes, Bright Kids’ significance to the lives of these children and their families will be carried on as they grow up to be responsible adults--- compassionate and sensitive to the needs of their society in the future” shared Ms. Nica Roma, Founder and President of SPECS.

The Canadian Vision Care doctors and SPECS family are more grateful to have FINEX collaborating towards the same goal of reaching out to the underprivileged Filipino children.  

The kind of support that Bright Eyes, Bright Kids project gives these children has an impact to their school life much more in their daily lives. The Canadian Vision Care and SPECS have always had a soft heart to children as both organizations believe that the kids have the right to enjoy life---play, learn, discover, with a better vision.

Indeed, it is a unified hope that through the extended arm of FINEX, the Canadian Vision Care and SPECS would open brighter tomorrows for the children-beneficiaries.

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