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Wednesday. March 11, 2015

With projects implemented almost every month, SPECS has not just attained its mission of bringing quality eye care treatment and diagnostic to Filipino indigents in the metro but has also significantly touched the lives of many Filipinos far south and way up north with the help and continuous support of the Canadian Vision Care.

The baby projects SPEC sans Canadian Vision Care had during the earlier months since the institution launched its first eye train clinic have been heard quite clearly and appealingly to other local organizations in the Philippines that likewise wanted to lend a hand to these Filipino patients.

“We are as delighted and grateful for the support given to the Filipinos that we were surprised ourselves that even our dream of having the 2nd train extension for training Filipino eye doctors is now realized” shared SPECS Founder Andronica “Nica” Roma.


Comprehensive eye examination, pediatric eye correction, and recommendation for eye surgery are basic eye health care that ever individual needs. This is where the role of SPECS enters.

SPECS opens opportunities for many other local organizations to extend help and be united with the rest of the dreamers, social workers and humanitarian advocates towards giving hope to many who may have long felt that hope is gone.


Recipients of this good cause were children with special needs (autism, Down Syndrome among others), orphans, the elderly, informal settlers, Yolanda (typhoon Haiyan) survivors, persons with physical disabilities, women, and many other Filipino indigents that have been waiting for such help to arrive. Unfortunately, there are still more Filipino patients out there that need to be reached.

Special Philippine Eye Care Solutions Foundation Inc. (SPECS Foundation), is a non profit organization providing permanent and sustainable vision care clinic primarily for the underprivileged Filipinos that opened barely 2 years ago (June 17, 2013). Hence it is considered a milestone for SPECS that it has now reached over 10,000 patients served under good care from Philippine eye doctors working hand in hand with Canadian doctors of Canadian Vision Care.

Future Prospects

The second train of SPECS is constructed for training of Filipino eye doctors. This step is a realization of a long-term goal of Canadian Vision Care doctors in which knowledge, expertise and hands-on observation and teaching are achieved as Canadian doctors work together with their apprentice Filipino doctors.

These Filipino doctors are expected to share and use their knowledge in serving far more Filipinos in the future. Thus, SPECS along with Canadian Vision Care see a positive and sustainable coming years for the eye clinic caring for more Filipino patients and continuously increasing the first 10,000 patients served.

To all our international and local partners, We thank you for helping us reach our

10,000 beneficiaries.


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