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“The Eye Train”. The clinic is open everyday from Mondays to Sundays from 10:00 am in the morning until 7:00 pm in the evening.  We provide the following services for children and adults:

   √  comprehensive eye exam

   √  pediatric eye and vision exam

   √  strabismus (“banlag / duling”)

   √  eye diseases screening

   √  contact lens fitting

   √  cataract screening

   √  glaucoma screening

   √  low vision rehabilitation

Low Vision Rehabilitation

Low vision is a term that generally refers to a permanent functional vision loss that cannot be corrected by medication, surgery, or glasses. Patients with low vision may experience eye diseases, field defects, and degrees of vision loss which results to an impaired ability to perform work, leisure, or daily living activities.

Low Vision Rehabilitation is then recommended especially amongst children diagnosed with such experience. It teaches patients how to use their remaining vision more effectively.

Visual Training

Visual training is recommended for patients who need to improve vision skills such as eye coordination and teamwork and eye movement control.  There are series of procedures that will be prepared by the eye clinician to appropriately treat each unique patient case.  These programs may involve the use of lenses, prisms, computer programs and applications, specialized instruments filters and the like in order to result in a comprehensive training for the patient.

Monitoring and evaluation of the eye doctors are important hence it is suggested that patients follow the training at home or at the office as suggested by the doctors.  Likewise it is important that these patients visit the clinic as scheduled for the continuation and efficiency of the prepared therapy plan.


Our reliable eye laboratory efficiently cater to the needs of patients as we offer subsidized services for them making it possible for the highest quality vision care treatment to all.


Medical Missions: SPECS from time to time schedule medical missions in nearby provinces to reach more and more Filipinos and equip them with knowledge on eye care through comprehensive eye examinations, lectures and seminars.

Student Internships: SPECS provide a venue for local and international student interns to serve their community by practicing professional skills & knowledge in optometry at SPECS Eye Train clinic.  This is a significant learning opportunity for students to serve different patients from all walks of life with various eye/ vision concerns.  Truly a rewarding venue as students can experience true community service as role-modeled by community leaders---SPECS clinicians.

Please let us know how we can serve you. Visit us at our clinic or click here to leave your message.